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I am available for commercial and private assignments and projects that cover the following areas:
  • Landscape
  • Animals
  • Underwater
  • Travel and expeditions
Please contact me  for more precise information.


Currently I read workshops about Stock photography and Lanscape-Animalistic photography. New section on a webpage is comming soon with the description.

Stock Library

I am currently holding a digital library with several thousand images. The images are available as high resolution TIFF or JPEG files suitable for all printing or online purposes. Please email me with your request. I am also represented by Shutterstock.
It is also possible to arrange a photosession in the additional category:

Currently You can order:
  • Architecture/interior
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Painting reproductions

Contact me for pricing and service packages. We will find the one that matches Your individual needs.

Aleksey Stemmer
+371 27 047 885 (Latvia)
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