10 August 2014

The first underwater shooting

In some time I will write a review of the whole system what I use to take pictures underwater. But this time it's a series of images from two quarries with a landscapes, fish and other animals captured. 

All images were made a DiCAPac WP-S10 and a Nikon D600 + 16-35mm lens.

Here goes the first quarry with a brigh water and bottom.

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31 July 2014

Travelling on a Midsummer

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03 July 2014

European road trip photos

More blog posts from this journey: http://alexstemmer.com/en/BLOG/?tags=154 

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22 May 2014


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21 May 2014

Hettenheim and Rhein river

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18 May 2014

Frankfurt am Main

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17 May 2014

Mainz and Wiesbaden

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05 May 2014

RE:Publica 14 - Urban exploration: part 3

Object 1

Sports stadium light towers. 
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05 May 2014

RE:Publica 14 - Urban exploration: part 2

Object 1

Abandoned botanic garden and it's laboratiories in a small city near to Riga.
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05 May 2014

RE:Publica 14 - Urban exploration: part 1

Object 1

Bombshelter beneath the pharmaceutical factory.
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26 April 2014

Special artistic frog shooting in Riga zoo


This time we started to make pictures late in the evening, after the zoo has been already closed. And we finished only by midnight! 

This has been intentionally done to achieve natural looking poses of the frog species with night activity. 

One more new thing: this time I used clean terrarium walls of laboratories as my backgrounds, instead of natural looking backgrounds on the exposition. Constantly changing the light, I managed to create nicely lit, clean backgrounds, which were also blurred enough with 150mm macro lens to become uniform. 

Technical information:

Overall gear set-up was the same as always, just check out other nice zoo 
shootings. I prefer to stay minimalistic in terms of lightning and add additional sources or gadgets only when needed. And from my experience, it is possible to achieve desired result with very simple means. So... Why to complicate? :)

*All pictures were made with Nikon D600 + sigma 150mm macro + 2x nikon SB-700.

The settings generally were:  f11, 1/125 sec., ISO100, the speedlights were set to wireless TTL.

Special thanks to volunteers Jelena and her daughter for assistance!

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26 April 2014

Tallinn Zoo project


Although the zoo is really the northern one, and it was quite cold in Tallinn in comparison with Riga, which is relatively close, in the Zoo's collection much exotic and tropic animals are kept. 

Big and well decorated marine aquariums, tropical hall and many other things kept my attention. The overall feeling after the visit is great! Nevermind it's as big as the ones in Europe, it has its own feeling: hospitable and professional.

I would like to thank all staff members, who were very kind to me: Hannes Maripuu, Julia Kolpakchi and the director Mati Kaal. As well all other great team members!

Lets start with the photos...

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25 April 2014

Golden sunset

More pictures - fewer text!
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