In this section You will find examples of completed projects, as well as some general information on cooperation with me.

I am constantly looking for new opportunities. As I communicate in English and Russian, and I am mobile, we can arrange any project worldwide. Currently we can cooperate in many ways:
  • Reports from scientific expeditions
  • Charitable exhibitions and other specific usage of my works
  • Assignments in other countries
  • Any other options
So if You think our interests may come together, feel free to contact me and we will discuss it.

Riga zoo artistic night shooting

Unique night shooting in amphibian laboratories. 
Discovering frog characters and their secret world, after all humans are gone.

Big Tallinn Zoo shooting

Week-long project with the Tallinn Zoo. Much unique macro pictures and inside views. Diverse and well kept animal collection. 

Step inside the nighly advenced northern zoological gardens.

Daugavpils Zoo

Animals of the Daugavpils Zoo (Latgales zoodarzs).

Enjoy colorful crustations and fluffy spiders.

Arthropods of Riga Zoo

This time I would like to take you inside the laboratories of insectarium of Riga zoo. Another portable studio photosession, now with my favourite animal type - the arthropods. 

Take a look at the colorful, wierd and alien like fascinating creatures!

Riga Zoo frogs

A small project covering the shooting of beautiful frogs in Riga Zoo. 

We made this photosession in cooperation with great people from Amphibian department.
Take a look at the description of a process to see how the photos were made,
as well as to know what to expect from exotic creatures during working with them.

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