26 April 2014

Special artistic frog shooting in Riga zoo

The most recent frog shooting in Riga has turned out to be unique - find out why!

New time, new light, new frogs.


This time we started to make pictures late in the evening, after the zoo has been already closed. And we finished only by midnight! 

This has been intentionally done to achieve natural looking poses of the frog species with night activity. 

One more new thing: this time I used clean terrarium walls of laboratories as my backgrounds, instead of natural looking backgrounds on the exposition. Constantly changing the light, I managed to create nicely lit, clean backgrounds, which were also blurred enough with 150mm macro lens to become uniform. 

Technical information:

Overall gear set-up was the same as always, just check out other nice zoo 
shootings. I prefer to stay minimalistic in terms of lightning and add additional sources or gadgets only when needed. And from my experience, it is possible to achieve desired result with very simple means. So... Why to complicate? :)

*All pictures were made with Nikon D600 + sigma 150mm macro + 2x nikon SB-700.

The settings generally were:  f11, 1/125 sec., ISO100, the speedlights were set to wireless TTL.

Special thanks to volunteers Jelena and her daughter for assistance!

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