01 March 2014

Site upgrade

A lot of programming work has been done by the guys from Esteriol web studio and now I can finally announce it here!

Let me introduce the updated alexstemmer.com with many new features.

Find out what has been improved!


LV: Meet the latvian language version of the main site -  Laipni lūdzam!

Blog: The main changes are in the blog section, many buttons and features had been added to the side panel:
  • Follow with social networks
  •  Popular posts
  •  E-mail subscription
  •  Keywords
The general look had been improved as well.
Also, don't forget to check new blog posts: arthropods of Riga zoo, Riga from different angle and the upcoming Daugavpils trip in 2 parts.

Other: The new gallery category had been added - Backstage.
And a folder with my exotic pet collection.

The site functionality and navigation have been revised and tuned. 

And sure, meet new photos, post and stay in touch!

Thanks for attention! 
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