08 October 2013

Sigma 150 macro OS review

The following post is short review of Sigma 150 macro OS.

See impressions and recommendations about this spectacular lens and find out why I consider it to be one of the best macro options available. 

Enjoy new photographs and don't forget that you can
see EXIF information and download originals! 

New version of higly rated classic Sigma's model - 150mm f2.8 OS (company's name for optical stabilization system - like Nikon's VR or Canon's IS system)

It is not a complete review of a lens, it's my experience of using it in very different situations.

So if you want to check MTF charts and other technical information, take a look on the Internet and you will most asurely find some great reviews out there, some of them are even provided below.

You can find here exif data under photos and overall impressions from a nature photogrpher who also shoots for microstocks, and requires really high image quality.

General lens information: 

First of all this lens has a very attractive price around 1200$ (SRP) making it extremely competitive in 150-200mm range, as Nikon's own 200mm f4 is 1800$ (SRP), and despite  it is perfect optically, it shrinks into 140mm at 1:2 magnification. So in such area of use you won't get any advantage in working distance over sigma's 150mm model. 

And that is more important, Sigma 150 is extremely sharp on any aperture, very lightweight and compact compared to those 180-200mm lenses and is an APO lens, which means that bokeh color fringing is non-existent and it is an extremely rare characteristic.

And It still has a much preferred working distance, which is a big advantage over 50-105mm macros.

So this lens sounded like a great bargain! And I was hoping to test it in the field then it arrived, but after some shots I was really surprised who good it actually turned out to be.

Recomended technical reviews:


And here are images taken with this lens in a different situations:

Link to download originals (Use only for illustrative purpose)

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