24 September 2014

Dramatic Autumn arrival

The series of photos after a month break.  And no doubts, it's worth watching.

Dramatic sky and it's beautiful cloudscapes under the icy cold rain and northern wind. Enjoy!

This shooting, as well as the whole Autumn perceprion, has been inspired and motivated by a few very emotional bard songs which came like a breath of the fresh air. The songs from a beautiful girl, who I know from often visits to Saint-Petersburg. And a big part of a credits goes to her. Thank you, Lilia!

Talking about nature, it has been sunny and calm weather dictated by the anticyclone, while I has been in Russia. And just after I have come back the massive cyclone has arrived to the stage. 
So let's consider a warm welcome to the cold and stormy weather, which I actually like so much. 

Her majesty, the Autumn, accompanied bt the Cyclone! :)

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