25 January 2017

Some more winter

Snowy forests and other landscapes.
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04 November 2016

The first snow in Riga

The bautiful mix of seasons.

Don't forget the Autumn tag!
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27 October 2016

Windy Autumn

Fields, forest and the Baltic sea.

Don't forget the Autumn tag!
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27 October 2016

Lyrical Autumn mood

Some scenes from different parks in Riga. 

Don't forget the Autumn tag!
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01 October 2016

Deep Blue Light

It's all about the Blue. 

...and my deep blue way.

Check out also other night series with moonlit fog and many beautiful stuff!
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02 October 2014

Birch trees of Bolderaja beach

Sunset shooting in one of the remotest parts of Riga.

See the open natural landscapes just a few meters form living houses. 

This time it's the classic Autumn weather with lots of wind, low flying clouds and. sure, birch trees.
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05 May 2014

RE:Publica 14 - Urban exploration: part 3

Part 3

Previosly unpublished photos of exploration raids across the abandoned  factories, bomb shelters and towers.
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05 May 2014

RE:Publica 14 - Urban exploration: part 1

Part 1

Previosly unpublished photos of exploration raids across the abandoned  factories, bomb shelters and towers.

Don't forget to check out other similar posts. There are 4 posts for the RE:PUBLICA


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26 April 2014

Special artistic frog shooting in Riga zoo

The most recent frog shooting in Riga has turned out to be unique - find out why!

New time, new light, new frogs.

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06 April 2014

Mordor: another 120 meters towers with a great view

This massive electrical tower has a unique construction, so it looks like... The Eye of Mordor from Tolkien Novels. At least it's called like that by the locals.

Enjoy fascinating views from a bird's eye view with beautiful photos of Riga! Screw up the scale! :)

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07 March 2014

100 meters former transmission tower in Riga

A post from a new series of Urban views category where all the high and extreme places will be described.

Enjoy fascinating views from a bird's eye view with beautiful sunset and the first lights of Riga!

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01 March 2014

Site upgrade

A lot of programming work has been done by the guys from Esteriol web studio and now I can finally announce it here!

Let me introduce the updated alexstemmer.com with many new features.

Find out what has been improved!


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27 February 2014

Arthropods of Riga Zoo

This time I would like to take you inside the laboratories of insectarium of Riga zoo. Another portable studio photosession, now with my favourite animal type - the arthropods. 

Take a look at the colorful, wierd and alien like fascinating creatures!

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27 September 2013

Seaside bicycle ride

I'm starting a series of posts with nature photo trips backstages and descriptions. My blog just started to function recently, but the amount of material is huge and diverse, and I hope it would be useful and entertaining for you, dear readers.

Seaside bicycle ride.

I would want to start with this year's last summer days occasional morning bicycle trip to the seaside.
It usually takes about half an hour to reach the Baltic beach of the Gulf of Riga from my house, but the road is so boring when you ride it all the time. 
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17 September 2013

Riga Zoo frogs


It can be very exiting when it comes to shooting animals, as you never know how exactly they will behave. 
I used to keep at home a small zoo as well, with hundreds of animals. Whose mainly were arthropods, and I had seen so many different personalities while keeping and watching them.
Discover how fun can be working with these little exotic creatures.

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