01 March 2014

Daugavpils Zoo and University: part 1

Recently I have spent several days in the city called Daugavpils the East of Latvia. The city with interesting history and its own unique lifestyle. 

Though my main goal was to take pictures in Daugavpils zoo and even more exciting place: Daugavpils University research center "Ilgas" - an old manor in the middle of forest reservation Silene. 

So this post is covering misty morning shooting in an ancient and beautiful forest several hundred meters away from border on European Union. 

When we reached Daugavpils it was already dark and even some wet snow has started to fall. In a border area, we had to make our permits to visit this restricted land. And so we were riding through the night winter forest with our guides with no idea where we are going to rest for the night. And now imagine my excitement when we saw the big glowing manor with classical columns in the middle of... nowhere

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