08 April 2014

Daugavpils Zoo and University: part 2

Here I will show the final result from the animal shooting in the laboratories of Latgales Zoo. 

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06 April 2014

Mordor: another 120 meters towers with a great view

This massive electrical tower has a unique construction, so it looks like... The Eye of Mordor from Tolkien Novels. At least it's called like that by the locals.

Enjoy fascinating views from a bird's eye view with beautiful photos of Riga! Screw up the scale! :)

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25 March 2014

200 meters above the ground on a tiny metal construction

One of the highest mast-towers in Latvia. But it's not simply a modern mobile communication tower. Find out its unique secret history!

See the backstage and beautiful photos from the cloud level! 

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18 March 2014

Searching for your works over the internet

Regarding recent Shutterstock's article "Shutterstock in the wild" I wrote  this article about principal methods of finding your works on the internet. 
Find out how to search for your  work on-line!
Whatever you are: a microstock , portrait or a wedding photographer it will be useful for you to know where and how your work is used  to be proud of, or to find a potential copyright infringement.

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17 March 2014

Chasing the snow storm

The 16th of March was highlighted with a returning of winter, despite it had been around +7-10°C the past weeks.

But as the Winter is my favorite season, I was extremely glad it came back. It this was an epic return indeed!

In this post I will show a chase for that snow storm.

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07 March 2014

100 meters former transmission tower in Riga

A post from a new series of Urban views category where all the high and extreme places will be described.

Enjoy fascinating views from a bird's eye view with beautiful sunset and the first lights of Riga!

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01 March 2014

Site upgrade

A lot of programming work has been done by the guys from Esteriol web studio and now I can finally announce it here!

Let me introduce the updated alexstemmer.com with many new features.

Find out what has been improved!


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28 February 2014

Daugavpils Zoo and University: part 1

Recently I have spent several days in the city called Daugavpils the East of Latvia. The city with interesting history and its own unique lifestyle. 

Though my main goal was to take pictures in Daugavpils zoo and even more exciting place: Daugavpils University research center "Ilgas" - an old manor in the middle of forest reservation Silene. 

So this post is covering misty morning shooting in an ancient and beautiful forest several hundred meters away from border on European Union. 

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27 February 2014

Arthropods of Riga Zoo

This time I would like to take you inside the laboratories of insectarium of Riga zoo. Another portable studio photosession, now with my favourite animal type - the arthropods. 

Take a look at the colorful, wierd and alien like fascinating creatures!

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21 February 2014

Ice crystals

Beautiful close-up of large ice crystals.
Macro series from the frosty days. Almost all images are taken using the sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro lens and a tripod.

Enjoy the feeling of winter abstract wonderland!

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29 December 2013

Plump fox & frosty morning

The last day of snow before all this beauty has melted down. 
A nice rural morning trip with animal and landscape pictures.

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16 December 2013

Mystical fog in the forest by night

A small night trip to nearby woods in a very strong fog. 

This was a kind of experiment with artificial light source and a forest terrain
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12 December 2013

Sun hole in Adazhi

Beautiful location in surroundings of Riga, in Adazi. Beautiful Lutheran church and sunset winter landscapes.
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07 December 2013

Snow on trees

Take a look at the transformed nature just after a few hours of heavy snowfall.

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06 December 2013

First snow in Riga

Today it snowing for the first time in Riga this year.

Experience the long waited feeling of nature turning to its next magical stage. 

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