25 March 2014

200 meters above the ground on a tiny metal construction

One of the highest mast-towers in Latvia. But it's not simply a modern mobile communication tower. Find out its unique secret history!

See the backstage and beautiful photos from the cloud level! 

Military base - one of a kind in the Baltics.

This is the only Soviet military object of its type and scope in Latvia – a long-distance communications base which was supposedly used to maintain contact with Soviet naval ships and submarines all around the world. The facility had a central tower and six perimeter towers, each more than 200 meters high. Some of the towers remain in place and are used for mobile communications. It is rumored that the Soviet communications system was never once turned on. The complex at Upīškalns can be seen by driving down the Skrunda-Kuldīga road.

This is the descendant of the famous German Goliath transmitter.

Technical stuff concerning this shooting is given lower, just scroll for the information. 

And here it goes strait from the top, enjoy! 

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